April 19, 2021

City of Ottawa Launching High Performance Design Standard (HPDS) for Buildings

Have you heard the news?  Ottawa is launching a High Performance Design Standard for Buildings expected to go live in 2022!  We can expect that the metrics and tiered nature of targets will be similar to the Toronto Green Standard.  This means that the standard will look to measure building performance against Total Energy Use Intensity (TEUI), Thermal Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI), and Greenhouse Gas Intensity (GHGI).

This exciting change offers great opportunity for design teams in Ottawa to consider new Energy Conservation configurations and innovative design and construction practices.  EVNA Engineering is excited to serve the market as these new performance requirements will create new market opportunities to work together!  If you or your team are concerned about these new pending standards – reach out!  We are always happy to discuss how this may or may not affect your growth plans and existing portfolio.