April 19, 2021

Savings by Design

Maximizing energy efficiency starts with design.  Savings by Design is a green building initiative brought to you by Enbridge Gas Inc. — created to help builders design and construct buildings with higher energy performance, helping occupants/owners save on their energy costs. This comprehensive program offers support and financial incentives during the design and construction stages of building and housing projects and they are still accepting applications for 2021.

EVNA Engineering has been involved with this program for years as the delivery agent for the energy analysis.  Based on expert recommendations our role is to engage in the Integrated Design Process by helping design teams prioritize key energy performance requirements and opportunities.  This year, we helped the program develop the energy modelling guide, thus setting the best practices for our peer group of energy modelling, mechanical engineering, and engineering design and build firms.

As of January 28, 2021, Enbridge has adopted two new stretch targets for all new applicants pursuing Commercial or Affordable Housing incentives:

  1. For projects located in the City of Toronto, the minimum performance threshold is 20%.
  2. A 5% stretch target is applied when the Baseline Building demonstrates an energy performance greater than the minimum performance threshold applicable to the project during the workshop.

Please refer to EVNA Engineering’s resource page to download your Savings by Design Application Workbook for more details.