April 19, 2021

Toronto Green Standard Version 4 Coming Soon

Building codes and energy performance standards are key drivers in our business, and so EVNA Engineering is keeping on top of the TGS V4 expected to be released in 2022.  We can expect that V4 will be in line with V3-Tier 2 targets.  This is to say that the absolute targets to qualify for Tier 2 today will become the mandatory Tier 1 performance requirements under version 4.  The table below summarizes the changes we can expect to see for Total Energy Use Intensity (TEUI), Thermal Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI), and Greenhouse Gas Intensity (GHGI):

Building Type Total Energy Use Intensity
Thermal Energy Demand
Intensity (KWh/m2)
Greenhouse Gas
Intensity (kg/m2)
Multi-unit Residential
Buildings (≥4 Storeys)
170 135 70 50 20 15
Multi-unit Residential
Buildings (≤6 Storeys)
165 130 65 40 20 15
Commercial Office
175 130 70 30 20 15
Commercial Retail
170 120 60 40 20 10
Mixed Use Buildings
(90% residential, 5%retail,
5% commercial)
170 134 70 49 20 15

Stay tuned as Building Commissioning and Air Tightness are becoming a greater priority.  At EVNA Engineering, we work with innovative design teams and industry leaders to offer these services.  We see the value in delivering these services and are excited to watch the market evolve and grow in this area.

Also, note that projects applying for Development Charge Refund need to retain a registered TGS Project Evaluator.  The project evaluator must be retained on the project by 50 percent construction documentation stage. Verification is a two-stage process that includes: a review of the construction drawings and specifications and a site inspection at Occupancy stage. The Verification Report is submitted to the satisfaction of City Planning, preferably with 3 to 6 months of occupancy and within 5 years from the date that DCs were payable to the City. If the report is deemed satisfactory, the applicable development charge refund will be issued.

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